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David Coleman & Co Ltd first came about when David purchased the Matlock office of his former boss Keith Bradshaw back in November 2001 and acquired 150 clients and 2 members of staff.


Prior to that David had been a manager in 3 quite different firms but was frustrated that he was bound by their way of doing things.


So, right from the outset of owning his own business, David decided that he wanted to offer a more personal and proactive service to his clients which involved meeting with them at their home or business premises and at a time that suited them and really getting to know what they wanted to achieve in their business and personal life and helping them to achieve those goals by having a more in-depth involvement.


This new approach proved to be successful and David’s business grew hand in hand with his client’s success such that Scott and Hayley Bradshaw were appointed Partners in the business in November 2005 (which became known as Coleman Bradshaw) and the Sutton in Ashfield office was purchased from Mitchells Chartered Accountants in December 2007, such that the practice now had over 1,000 clients and 17 members of staff spread over the 2 offices.


But, this increase in size meant that David no longer had the day to day involvement with his clients which was so important to him and, after much soul searching, David left Coleman Bradshaw, a firm he had been instrumental in creating, to work from home looking after a small portfolio of clients.


This period working from home and getting back to doing everything for his clients from the accounts preparation to reviewing the accounts, processing the tax returns, doing the business and tax planning and typing up the covering letter, reignited David’s passion for tax and accountancy and for providing his clients with the best personal and proactive service so, when the opportunity arose in November 2011 to buy back the Sutton office and to work closely again with the staff and clients he had worked with previously, he took it.


This brings us right up to the current day where David has assembled a team of colleagues, with a blend of experience and youthful energy, who share his enthusiasm about providing clients with the best possible service, whilst making full use of the latest technologies to make the accounting process simpler for all, thereby freeing up our clients time to concentrate on what is important to them.


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