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Care Homes and Children’s Nurseries

Residential and nursing homes are very similar in nature to children’s nurseries, they both have finite resources that require careful daily management to ensure that the business moves forward. All care professions are very time consuming to run, and are usually family owned enterprises.


At David Coleman & Co Accountants, we pride ourselves in utilising our knowledge and experience working with our clients in the care sector to ensure that they are able to focus on the care they pride themselves in giving.


We do this by collaborating and putting systems into place, that help to minimise time spent on financial administration, and maximise information being available to the decision makers to ensure that plans can be made quickly and efficiently.


From undertaking the bookkeeping ourselves, to putting semi-automated cloud accounting software into place, and having regular meetings to discuss various Key Performance Indicators, the additional information that is provided and reviewed continually ensures that the businesses financial aspect is monitored controlled and steps taken that can make an immediate difference.


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