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Business is ever changing. This we are well aware of. We also know how much time can and is taken up by keeping your accounts up to date.


Traditionally, accounting software was based on one computer, whereby one user could use it at one time, and to share it, a backup and restore method was required. It was fine, but did not afford much flexibility.


Over the past 5 years, newer “cloud based” software has come onto the market, giving rise to flexible working, multi-user multi-location working, with information being shared in real time.


We educate all our contacts in respect of these newer versions of software, as they change the way that businesses operate their accounting, meaning that business decisions can be made faster, with more accurate results as figures can be reviewed and analysed by the accountant in real time.

As we see it, the accounting software gives you better working flexibility, added efficiency, and greater reporting options available to you – meaning your business can move forward making faster better decisions.


Online accounting fundamentally changes how you work. Automated data feeds from your bank and your business network let you manage cashflow in real-time. The ability to collaborate with your team and advisors, anytime, from anywhere, will transform your business.

Common problems with most accounting software

  •     Too complicated – it’s hard to get data in and out
  •     Too confusing – it’s not clear what to do and how to do it
  •     It’s never up-to-date – the data in the system is not current
  •     It only works on one computer
  •     Only one person can use it – key people can’t access financial and customer details
  •     Getting data to/from advisors is difficult, causing errors and delays
  •     It’s expensive and complicated to keep backups (if done at all)
  •     It’s expensive, complicated and time consuming to upgrade the software
  •     Customer support is unhelpful, expensive and slow
  •     Sound familiar?


 makes it easy to stay on top

  • Our customers have real-time access to their current financial position – a serious competitive advantage, by any measure.
  •  is designed to simplify and automate small business management, while making it easy to collaborate online with your team and your advisors.
  •  can be used by any authorised user on any system – Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Blackberry.
  • Since  runs online, you don’t have to worry about installing software or storing backups – that’s all done for you automatically, for free.
  • Every 3-6 weeks we release innovative new features and enhancements based on ideas from our customers. We design and deliver features at a pace and a quality that’s unrivaled.
  •  is available at a low monthly cost, so there are no hidden charges or surprise expenses. Even our renowned customer support is freely available around the clock.
  • All businesses update their systems when there’s a better technology, better design or better support available.  exceeds at delivering all those benefits.
  • These are the top reasons customers say they love
  1.     Automated daily bank feeds
  2.     Fast, simple and customised invoicing
  3.     Available anytime you’re online, from anywhere
  4.     Work together as a team on financials
  5.     Safe and secure
  6.     Smart reports with quick links to the source transactions
  7.     Dashboard gives a clear financial overview
  8.     Awesome support at no additional cost
  9.     No installation or IT maintenance required
  10.     Pay as you go and no up-front costs

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